Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness

We’ve all been
Sent upon a mission
To conquer lands
Of Magik gods/leaders --> C R A C K

God damn I’m tired of bein’ sick
            And I’m sick of bein’ tired.
            When will the mind of the human
            Body escape from the chains of
            An old dark empire and scream out
            With bleeding unprocessed/untouched thought:
            “We are not Pinocchio!”

We drive along the lost highway of life
            Waiting for rescue or a requiem in our name
            Only to find out we are nameless and
            Strange creatures of a pulse
            In the small joints in a systematic world
            Where everything is chaotic and unclear
            And a barrage of new information overloads
            Our circuitry… That is when the reprogramming begins.
            Soon we’ll all be rockin’ and a hoppin’ along the labyrinth sayin’ to each other
            “I’m 964, who’re you?”

Happy little roosters and chickens falling off the face of the Earth with the mind of lady vengeance recycling old story plots with pirate weasels fighting the political mongoose for a brand new magik power turning 964 into a named being --> R E B I R T H !

And as everything fades to black, the camera focuses on the eyes of a dying man, for we have just witnessed his final stream of consciousness.

In Search of Sunrise

In Search of Sunrise

Normality plagues the mind, save the wounded soul who believes he is driving towards
     Heaven in search of sunrise.
We see the sky above and he gazes beyond the curtain…Beyond the stars and past
Society drives imagination away and through abnormal crossroads it blossoms once
     Through this new revolution that calls from beyond the storm, I feel the sun rise
          Above the Earth and realize all the wasted years inside the box…

Street City Blues

Street City Blues


Spider monkeys on the railroad tracks pushed into the walls of the mind, plagued by
            Madness and hacked away by the blades of love.
Who marched through sunless deserts picking up the vague-less and the vague.
Who walked upon moonless nights in graveyards filled with angered bodies bitching and
            Moaning, cries of the dead!
Who looked upon Planet Jupiter with naked vision and found a lifeless formation filled
            With definition.
Who has seen a penniless world promoting laws against the rights of the people.
To the general public, pull the mask away from your face and behold your world!


Walking through rancid Earth watching the mindless, the mindful, and the mind-fucked
            Destroy Street City Blues of limelight and shade the shadows of a glowing
            Parasitic sky.
Who played sweet jazz-like music on his trombone on the street earning his pay from
            Day to day to day…
Who witness stabbings and murder and even God himself demolish the senses of society.
For days the soul just wanted to strip nude and run out howling towards that heavenly
            Hellish cloudy blue/grey sky.
Instead, he ate his turkey sandwich and watched the word do it for him.


In this natural abyss I come to an image inside a pond.
I gazed upon lightless visions unimaginable to this day.
Visions as those are no more, for they Terrify the laws of Society.
Visions as these are not real.
Imagination is not normal!
            …At least, that is what Society has told me.


To the ends of the Earth, to the Heavens, to the Hells, to the sacred abyss of the mind.
Where waters dry and leave empty oceans.
Where skies turn red and thicken atmosphere suffocating life.
Out of these horrific visions the soul desires another life to love.
Break the boundaries of the mind and enter into the reality of life.
There are whispers between the screams, distorted by Earth’s fierce winds – Nature –
            The maddening Siren’s Song – call back from beyond false realms to worlds
            Unknown to the soul.
Pull the blindfold from your eyes and look upon the brand new world laid out for your
The laws have been broken, boundaries removed, life is completely cageless.
 The journey is fading away and ending.
            The soul is free.
            This is not to be confused with organized freedom. This freedom is outside the
                        Systematic – True Freedom, Chaotic Freedom.
The chains are broken, and the new world awaits!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Modern Times

Modern Times

I've walked to the ends of the Earth through deserts, through country roads and over populated cities that are filled with feces blood sweat and semen polluting atmosphere as described by science and rejected by religion to be debated over tea parties at the Secret Headquarters of Magic Catholicism.

I talked to god last night, we got into another argument. Then half way through the heated debate of America's economy and health care issues we both came to the same conclusion...god never existed and I was talking to myself once again.

So I employed the simplest method to completely resolve the issue. That is, I threw out Imagination and traded my Opinion to watch a few hours of Television. So is the life in Modern Times.