Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime (Big Tent Poetry)


it is summer
the oracle of screeching heat
we stretch out below the fiery skies, while people in shorts, sandals and summer dresses stroll by
this heat is known all over the world, I say
and you smile and respond with a hint of laughter, what if all the leaders of the world, feared by many, appeared at once in the same summer dress? the pale, wrinkly, old and dry skin exposed to the public.
i let the earth’s breath sweep across my face, my only relief, and respond, the world would ball up their gossip, much like the heat is balled at the end of summer, and wait for the new controversy to appear, leaving the past to deal with itself

Saturday, June 26, 2010

As I Fly Over This Time by Thulani Davis [Poetry Foundation] [Not My Work!}

I would like to point out that this is NOT my work. The poem is written by Thulani Davis. I have found this piece on the Poetry Foundation website, which the link will be posted below. I read this, and thought it would be an interesting piece to share. Sometimes, sharing poetry in general is better than sharing nothing. I hope you enjoy this piece, as I have. as i fly over this time by Thulani Davis:


as i fly over this time

       for Dianne McIntyre
as i fly over this time
rising over only this
so much painted suffering
unseen grimaces and stares
among spruce greens
these few forests left
all of us trying to be alone
quiet and blind.
i see soldiers in bus stations
with colored names
polaroid shots
their girlfriends chew gum
smile wide
in all this silver of sky
like stars these wheels
car gears lampshades
electrical refuse
zen oiled and greased
the believers now so many
now so tired of the sad songs
the endless yearnings for war
and more and more
dumb cries i sigh
trying to get out of town
i am writing on the wall
it will be painted over
like all the songs
once outside
but as i fly over this time
dianne is dancing
touching the far reaches
leaping and teaching
she strokes and struts the air
none of us stumbles
or fears their lives
steel beams and rail tracks
strike an E-flat, B-flat, A
E-flat, B-flat, A
dianne is dancing
no one can handle the hostages
terror is abandoned
because of light
breaking in leaves
because the center is gone
we are still breathing
and the swing is our bodies