Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Silent World

The Silent World

             He sat in the café reading his paper while the world seemed to rush back and forth with a frenzied agenda that was too big to accomplish. He read about schools spying on students in their homes, the endless arguments on healthcare (good and bad), and the various murders that happened with the small time span of the night. As he flipped the next page he washed the recently read information from his brain. It appeared the next page had about the same issues as the last. The only difference was the headlines and the author. He always felt that if he soaked up the information that he would eventually kill himself out of disdain over the state of the world. He was completely free from it all. He didn’t cater to politics; he made his own choices on religion, and to completely separate himself, he turned off his television. On the ground next to the man’s feet was a bag he often carried. Normally, he carried a gun in the bag along with a video camera with videos recorded from his past. There was a child trying to steal the bag away and before the man could say anything the parents came over, “We’re terribly sorry. He’s never done anything like this.”

            “He’s just curious,” the man told the parents. “Better to have that curiosity, the kids can really grow from it.” He smiled at the child, then the parents, then went back to his paper. As turned the next page he watched a woman cross the street. She wore a strapless red dress revealing her pale skin mashed with dried blood that covered her arms. She was dragging an axe towards the coffee shop. This made the man very uneasy, not because of the woman, but because of the people around her doing nothing. They were completely oblivious to this person. The woman slowly inched her way into the café and went up to the counter. The man behind the counter looked at the woman and asked her for her order. She raised the axe and brought it down hard into the cashier’s shoulder, and before she could force the axe out of his body, the man reading his paper fired two shots from his gun—one piercing her kidney area and the other her head, killing her instantly. He looked around the café and found that no one had noticed what had happened. They sat there drinking their coffee and discussing the agenda of the world. He looked back at the wounded cashier to find him serving another couple, then falling to the ground. The man grabbed his bag, threw it over his shoulder and walked out of the shop. He left his paper open on the table, and from the window you could make out the image on the page. The image was of a flat-screen television and on the screen was a woman with a small oval-shaped pill in her hand.

Saturday, February 20, 2010



Hear the music whirl around in the air

Dissonant, empty and filled with tears

The weeping sounds of a violin

Crying out in pain, and drowning in its fears

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010


Piggly wiggly
Piggly wiggly squiggly winks!

What an odd combination of words, I doubt anyone knows what it means (I do, but I’m
            The one who gives it meaning).
The words are as holy as the Bible itself (if it is indeed holy and not just a book), Great
            Jesus Piggly Wiggly Squiggly Winks!
Piglets = Bacon Seeds
Words are words, and the meanings are of an entirely different universe.

Piggly Flop.
            Piggly stop                              NOTHING
                        Piggly drop

If chicken is being eaten, the rooster has nothing to fear,
If bacon is being eaten, Piggly wiggly cries, but the cow sings
            “Glory Glory Hallelujah”

Guy’s asking serious questions…
            Side tracked by chaotic ranch covered animal kingdom
If you’re reading this ------- Take this poem to heart!
For the true meaning behind Great Jesus Piggly Wiggly Squiggly Winks =
            In the end everything we do is just everything we’ve done.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Under the laws of the United States of America, I lay myself down to sleep.
And it is under these exact laws I fight for My soul to Keep.
If my body were to show no signs of life before my eyes wake,
Then I reserve the right to have my soul, and let no one take!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When Jesus comes down and starts suffocating people then I might believe in his reality,
            Until then I say to you TV Evangelist, leave me alone! I won’t pay you 10% of
            My salary, I don’t have a salary, I don’t even have minimum wage.
I am known as a jack of all trades spewing words at the public, to some I am a hustler,
            And to those same people I say, Fuck You, I know my rights as a citizen in this
A man asked me for change, I only had a dollar and I told him to piss off, you never
            Know when you need a dollar, I needed change for the bus the other day thank God I had that dollar or I would’ve never made it to my destination…Where was that?
Home…Yes that’s it…Home!
Home is like one explosion of random, you never know what’s inside, sometimes THAT
            Uncertainty may implode in itself…
Yes that it right! Imploding inside an explosion! Wonder who would win the fight?
Pale Fire…Pale Fire…Pale Fire…
Vladimir, what were you thinking when you wrote “Lolita?”
Stop arguing Godman we don’t need YOUR words of wisdom, YOUR wisdom
Is nothing!
Christianity needs one thing to blind the public-The Greatest Disappearing Act On Earth!
Supposedly happened three times:
            1. Teen years missing!
            2. Death, what happened to the body? Are you the rabbit now?
            3. Revelations – Jesus is back with a vengeance!
He punishes the people who mysteriously vanish yet leave their clothes wherever they
            Vanished from first!

I came to the point, your idiotic mind was focused on that squirrel instead
            Of pretty words on the page/screen/viewing preference!
I bet if I placed Piggly Wiggly back in this poem you would absorb every thoughtless
Don’t tell me what to write!
You want something special, then go write it your fucking self!
You wrote LOL – but you’re not laughing, I can see that!
LMAO – Still no laughter, and even more ridiculous than that is, Microsoft
            Word counts that as an actual word!
This is all like watching Fox, They try and they fail!
I wonder if they put O’Reilly and Bill Maher in the same room, would the room commit
            Suicide? Would there even be a civilized conversation?
Answers to the questions above:
1.      Most likely!
2.      Not At All!
Throw Michael Moore in there  and God himself would come down to Earth and
Suicide bomb the entire planet!
I must consider my natural resources of planet System for such an event,
            $1.43,a copy of Zombie Survival Guide, Millions of unpublished
            Documents waiting to pollute the world, and a puppy!
What’s more to say? Don’t talk to me about sanity, I define it everyday!
America, Laughter is the greatest medicine of all!