Saturday, April 7, 2012



it was nostalgia the day you picked
up this vagabond, and allowed me to hitch a 
ride like a photograph in your back pocket.

we were a revival not yet heard.
had our own dance against our own
gospel hymns, and we knew all the 
good moves. made it so righteous
not a damn soul could say no. 

you placed a bullet in my chest.
i turned it into a seed and gave you
the flowers after they grew. the colors
never fade when the days are so right.

somewhere there's a revolution happenin'
and they're playing our romance because
it's the only one that's not cheesy yet.

i tossed a molotov into the sun 
because i couldn't see you under
the moon last night; kissed you
on your cheek as the light touched
your face. the morning was never so alive.