Thursday, October 25, 2012



look at the ocean above us—
wild, the clouds clench together,
holding its poise to give us
the comfort that’s been missing.

to free us of the belief that every
jackal is a curse; that the right verse
and the right prescriptions allow us to breathe.

and though the west is slowly closing,
the damned have never received
such relief as it holds their cries,
cradling them—building a wall
around the history they carry.

the clouds release, letting out a sigh;
out of the solemnity its breath
reaches the ground. we don’t dream often enough.

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Vagabonds is essentially a Creative Arts anthology. We accept photography, poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and digital artwork. At this time, we only twice a year.

Our first anthology released on August 6th, 2012 and has been pushed around the writing scene. We do offer physical copies of the anthology, and they are free. if interested in a physical copy just shoot an email over to and we will do our best to ship you a copy.

Vagabonds is completely a non-profit organization. Though the Anthologies are free we do accept donations through paypal. All donations go towards keeping the anthology running, printing costs, project designs, promoting expenses, etc. Anything donated to Vagabonds is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for your gift!

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I have to say that Vagabonds has gotten off to an awesome start. As copies of the anthology are pushed out there I’m noticing more and more people becoming interested in the project. I can officially say that slowly we are growing! Today, I’d like to welcome two people to the Vagabonds staff: Sendokidu Adomi and Valdon Ross. They were published in the first anthology and after much talking with them they wanted to tag along on this thing. Their short biographies can be found below:

Sendokidu Adomi — Well… What is there to say about this fox? I’m a poet, to say the least. Wouldn’t say my nectar is as potent as most, though, as I’m still learning the craft. I love to write about nature and higher concepts, as it is where I find the most inspiration. In such, I find a balance within my writing in the form of music, wherein I’ve been featured twice.

Valdon Ross – Valdon Ross is the name by which some 10,000,000,000+ individual human cells are collectively known. Knowing that his organism is in a constant state of death and rebirth, he finds the idea of believing himself to be a singular, static entity laughable. Nonetheless, together the consciousness of Valdon Ross and the cells of his organism arrange words and symbols with the aim of purging the shadow of our collective consciousness by destroying the fragile delusions humans cling to for security. Beyond focusing his creative energies into word-smithery, Valdon dabbles in the crafts of black magick guitar voodoo, mystic soul-glimpsing (psychology), and spray painted exi-stencil-ist street art. Breathing and gazing at the stars on the back of his eyelids while seated in front of a wall is his favored way of distracting himself from the fact he will someday die. For no reason at all, he laughs like a Mad Hatter and smiles like a Cheshire Cat.

As the anthology grows, it has come to my attention that people are beginning to wonder when the next anthology will be released. Well it has been decided that Vagabonds needs to be at least a twice a year venture and we will officially open for submissions on November 5th, 2012. We will stop taking submissions December 21st, 2012. Our next anthology is set to release March 15th, 2013. Our submission guidelines can be found above, and they have been changed so please review those before you submit.