Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nameless napwrimo #30

i’ve been wandering nameless
until the day you decided to
take a dive into the cold
oceans in my eyes. my head
lies on a pile of insecurities, praying
for the life to return to these
waters again.

i stopped listening to the stars,
started to follow the moon so
i could get so far lost that
i’d hear your breath again
one day.  i was a bottle without
a message, only holding pieces of
a 25 cent newspaper that were
kept alive on a shelf in my heart.
some parts of the past are too
strong to leave around on the
morning table.

i saw your shores and put pebbles in my
pocket, crawled through the waters and
spread my roots among the sands. i let
the ocean remain nameless as i handed
you a penny; heard that you turned wishes
into bombs and i’ve been waiting for the
loudest bang my earth has ever encountered.

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