How to F*ck up Your Kids -- A comedy!

How to Fuck up Your Kids. It's a comedy I'm working on in collaboration with a couple of friends. And yes it is literally conversational tips on how to fuck up your children. Why? because modern parenting has merged into this realm of blatant paranoid schizophrenia. Parents are uptight, vigilant at the wrong times, though it is great to be so, at the wrong times does not just make you look crazy. You BECOME that insane mentality. People refer to you as the wacko up the street. Take a breath for a moment.

What do we seek to do? Well, it's a book, a comedy. Read it and enjoy the laughs we have to offer. We are here to say it's okay. You're not as  bad as you think you are. You're not the freezer lady. There's worse things you can do to your children than what you are doing right now. It's comfort.