Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nameless napwrimo #30

i’ve been wandering nameless
until the day you decided to
take a dive into the cold
oceans in my eyes. my head
lies on a pile of insecurities, praying
for the life to return to these
waters again.

i stopped listening to the stars,
started to follow the moon so
i could get so far lost that
i’d hear your breath again
one day.  i was a bottle without
a message, only holding pieces of
a 25 cent newspaper that were
kept alive on a shelf in my heart.
some parts of the past are too
strong to leave around on the
morning table.

i saw your shores and put pebbles in my
pocket, crawled through the waters and
spread my roots among the sands. i let
the ocean remain nameless as i handed
you a penny; heard that you turned wishes
into bombs and i’ve been waiting for the
loudest bang my earth has ever encountered.

Monday, April 29, 2013

some of us pray screaming napowrimo #29

i lifted my hands in prayer
because i had a dream that that
my heart hitched too far
south. some days, even the
sky has no answers.

it hailed last night;
i watched the clouds
turn black before the
sun escaped. mother
nature had come home
drunk, took her pain
out on the children. i
meditated by the window,
heard the tantrum
behind the blinds.

patience never had to understand
god, to keep the bruises
from hurting.


you turned wishes into bombs.
i gave you a
penny and
hoped for
the loudest
bang my
earth had


some days, even
the sky
no answers.

Friday, April 26, 2013

silent napowrimo #26

she stands on the outskirts
of town. empty. the wind
greets her every so often.

years ago, her heart held
a 25 cent newspaper on her
coffee table; it had only
been read once
before she fell silent.

Genesis: Enlightenment napowrimo #25

some of us fear we will never
be forgiven for the sins
we dream of. so we love
like we got nothin'. write
novels in bibles filled with
insecurities because
some words struggle to be heard.

i took my psalms,
bottled them up in a hand grenade
and burried it beneath my
ribcage without the pin. we all
rely on a little love to help
ease the bruises. close your
eyes, count down with me
as i rock myself and my
mistakes. some of us
just wait for enlightenment
to reach us, i'm only
waiting on the big boom
to start a new genesis.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

words napowrimo #24

some days,
struggle to
be heard.

interview napowrimo #23

you prepare like its the last
final exam you'll ever take;
drive through traffic, appear
early and sharply dressed--wall
street couldn't be sharper. answer
their questions, stay calm, relaxed,
motivated. stutter a few times,
but never let it hit your confidence.
read their faces, everyone seems
happy, good sign, the big boss
walks you into a small room
after the questions are finished,
says HR takes 4-6 weeks to give
out an answer. Go home, wait
because you've not nothin' else
to hold onto.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

guidance napowrimo #21

it was only a dream that fueled
the best science fiction novels,
i still look at the stars at night
for guidance, their silence
leading one to enlightenment amongst
their fog. somedays, they lead us
to new worlds like our own.