Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pulse: A New Outlook [Big Tent Poetry]

Below are 4 short poems. The prompt asked for something different than the norm, evaluating your writing habits and styles, and do something a bit more different. I think this is a bit different than my normal work (style wise), and I hope you enjoy it! 4 poems in order: New Rising Sun, Revolution, Violin, Love

Pulse: A New Outlook

New Rising Sun

The sun slowly rises over the earth

Devouring the dark and bringing a new day

The light is so warm, so comforting

That it burns the insanity away


The sky is filled with blood stained tears

People march the streets, angered by their government’s solution

Millions upon millions flood the cities in a rage

Bleeding out hate, and screaming in anger…Revolution!


Hear the music whirl around in the air

Dissonant, empty and filled with tears

The weeping sounds of a violin

Crying out in pain, and drowning in its fears


From the soft loving look in your eyes

To the beating of your heart

Life now has a new chapter: Love

A brand new start